Purposeful work deserves meaningful places that bring together design, materiality and performance - because how a space performs is just as important as how it looks and feels.





SR Collective was designed to host people in a way that stimulates innovation, business expansion, and thought leadership. See who is here and learn about the Scott Rice and 3D Development collaboration.


At SR Collective, workers are rebelling against the sea of sameness that defined many workplaces. This cultural movement is redefining the workplace; creating a more human-centered experience that enriches the emotional, cognitive and physical wellbeing of people. 



Sit/Stand Work Desks, Private Offices, 3 Conference Rooms, 2 Lounge Areas, Office Supply Kiosk, Private Storage, 2 Private Phone Booths, Food Kiosk, and Community Kitchen and Bar.


All of the SR Collective members have access to one of the best rooftop views and event spaces in Kansas City.